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SACOMVALUE: BUSINESS SECTOR Appraisal Of Investment Project



Project appraisal is one of the core fields of operation in THUONG TIN APPRAISAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY – SACOMVALUE, which is a useful investment management tool for customers, enterprises

- First, to see the role of appraisal of investment project from the viewpoint of the investor of the enterprise, we need to understand thoroughly that appraisal of investment projects is a process to solve the following tasks: Reviewing the whole contents of the already-built project, supplementing deficient information, if any, as statutorily required;
- Systematically comparing the calculations and targets of the projects with the standards regulated by government, or the standards that the investors expect.
- Concluding if the project can be approved or not.
- The objective of the appraisal of investment project is to specify the real values of the project based on the comparison with standards on project approval or with other alternative projects.
Real values of investment project are represented in the aspects as below:
- The appropriateness between the objectives of the project and the strategic objectives of socioeconomic and cultural development of the nation or objectives identified by the investors.
- The suitability between the technique and technology of the project, whether they fit the level and usage requirements of the industry and the nation during the period of conducting projects or not. The acceptable level of environmental social interference to ensure safety for people and other activities in the area of the project. The appropriateness with the investor’s requirements in product manufactures and service supply.
- Financial capability, supply of materials, energy, management level and ability to run the investor’s equipment.
- Benefits brought to the investor from the project.
               a. Role of investment project appraisal to investors
- To check if the content of the investment projects is adequate or if there is any incompletion or mistake or not, based on which to re-edit the content reasonably.
- To identify the financial feasibility of the project, then know if the profitability is high or low.
- To predict potential risks in the future, from which investors take the initiative to find out solution to prevent or limit risks most practically and effectively.
               b. Role of investment project appraisal to investment partners
- To function as a foundation to decide if contribution to business with the investors should be made to conduct the project or not?
- To know well about the attraction level of financial efficiency to have feeling of security or choose the best investment opportunity for the capital invested that is worth the money invested.
               c. Role of investment project appraisal to financial institutions
- To know the profitability of the project and debt liquidity, then decide the form and level of loan to the investors.
- To know the longevity of the project to flexibly apply the policies on interest rates and loan repayment period in order to facilitate investors to conduct the project



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